Foot massage

Keep your feet healthy and on the ground, they feet carry your body all day long everyday.
Have you ever give them a treatment, they deserve?
You probably visit massage therapist for a neck, back and shoulders massage, but did you ever think of massaging your feet?
Foot massage can be a rewarding massage treatment that positively impacts your entire body.

Why would you go for a foot massage?

Here are the reasons:

  • your whole body will respond with relaxation – not just your feet,
  • improved blood circulation and lymph flow, for those, who have problems with swelling
  • professional massage will set your feet on strong on the floor
  • pain release to help alleviate stress
  • work on the myofascial level will restore the body’s “factory settings”

If you feel like your legs are tired and swollen, then it is time to book a visit.

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