Trigger points therapy

Trigger Points Therapy is a salvation for chronic or recurrent muscle pain. By applying pressure to precisely selected points of your body, accumulated tension is being released and frees you from pain.
The technique is combined with tissue and fascia massaging.

How will trigger point therapy help me?

  • chronic pain and tension disappear
  • blood and lymph circulation improves
  • you regain your well-being

How does this process work in the body in medical terms?

Muscle tension, if occurs over a long period of time, can be considered by the nervous systema natural condition in the body. We can release this tension with the help of trigger point therapy. Your body needs the right signal to recover from its wrong pain reactions. This signal is the pressure on the trigger point – applied in the right way and with the right intensity. By stimulating the trigger point, we increase pain, which the brain reacts to by releasing endorphins. By maintaining the pressure, the tension is finally released and the area is ischemic. When the pressure is released, the blood and oxygen supply increases. This stimulates the nervous system to respond to the entire relaxation process. After the treatment, there is immediate relief, relaxation and a feeling of lightness, the pain in the treated area decreases or even disappears after the first treatment.

Make an appointment today, let yourself live without pain.

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