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Scar tissue massage and therapy

Scar tissue therapy, scar mobilisation, scar massage – work with a scar is defined differently. This therapy helps to take care of the scar tissue, to improve its flexibility and the patient’s comfort of life. It is recommended especially in the case of scars resulting from an injury or incision, surgery (including cesarean section), fracture or trauma of soft tissues. It helps to restore the former efficiency and reduce the discomfort associated with long trauma and recovery.

What are the benefits and effects?

  • after the massage, the scar tissue is soft and more flexible, which significantly improves the range of motion and efficiency,
  • pain and the feeling of tight skin are reduced
  • the comfort of every day living with a scar increases,
  • the evening of the tissue and the improvement of the skin tone make the scar less visible
  • prevents the formation of adhesions
  • unblocking at a traumatic level, reconciling, connecting with the scar

This type of therapy is not painful – it is about half an hour to an hour of relaxing massage around the scar, performed in a pleasant atmosphere. The effects are felt after the first treatment, but it is recommended to perform a full series of therapeutic sessions to achieve the best results. When working with a scar, it is also important to “connect the patient with the injury”. Often, patients avoid seeing the scar, identifying it with past trauma. In such cases, we work together to let go of the pain and trauma that we hold.

Do not hesitate, make an appointment today! Starting scar mobilisation at the right moment guarantees the achievement of maximum effects in a short time. The peri-scar massage can be started in the first phase of wound healing, i.e. a few days after the injury or surgery. After about a month, it is possible to work on the scar, but it requires an individual assessment.

Massage and scar therapy in medical terms.

Massage and scar therapy is a method of restoring the continuity of the skin. Another name is scar mobilisation. It helps to restructure and remodel the scar tissue that arose after an injury, incision, surgery, fracture or trauma of soft tissues, where there was an incised wound, e.g. a caesarean section scar.

Scar massage, among other things, helps to improve the deformability and mobility of the tissues at the area of scar formation. It prevents the formation of adhesions. In the regenerating tissue, a strong and flexible skeleton of collagen and elastin fibres is formed, filled by the matrix and cells, which creates a scar. The fibres do not grow in the same direction as before, hence the texture of the tissue may be uneven. In order to align the tissues, various techniques are used, such as cross friction, trigger points, dry needling, rolfing, the Graston technique or IAMSTM tools, fascial therapy. Working with a scar is necessary in order to improve movement or obtain the full range of motion of a limb or body.

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