Masaż regeneracyjny odpornościowy

Regenerating and immune boosting massage

Massage with autumn essential oils

I would like to invite you for the AUTUMN oil massage – regenerative – immune.

Autumn, out of  shape, autumn depression, usually the weather doesn’t spoil us, but recently the weather is really beautiful… and those falling golden leaves ……

I invite you for this type of autumn treatment… A massage that will give you good energy, regenerate your strength before winter, strengthen your immunity, and protect you from disease.

Massage with oil and a mixture of cinnamon, clove, verbena, pine and rosemary aromas. Feel the scent of relaxation in the air.

Give yourself one precious hour of your time to … regenerate …

Instead of going home under a blanket – jump into me without thinking for a Regeneration and Immune Massage with properly selected oils. There is still time to build up immunity before winter!

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