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Myofascial release therapy

Myofascial Release Therapy is used to effectively release tension in the fascia and soft tissues at the myofascial level.

Fascia is a protective layer surrounded by a sticky fluid that envelops every tissue you have – tendons, muscles, bones, ligaments and other organs in the body. In a healthy body, the fascia is very strong and at the same time has a relaxed and flexible form. It  allows us to move safely without restriction. However, it often loses its shock-absorbing and supportive mechanism for the body. Then it ceases to be flexible, so, like any diseased organ – it requires treatment.

The solution in such condition is a therapy of myofascial release. During the procedure, I work sensitively on individual parts of the fascia. I focus on making the arrangement, balance and relaxation of the fascial system bring you long-lasting relief.

How will myofascial release therapy help me?

  • free from pain
  • release tension accumulated in the body
  • regain the ability to move smoothly and a full range of motion

Just one treatment will significantly improve the condition of your body.

Do not hesitate, make an appointment today!

Myofascial release therapy in medical terms.

Fascia plays a very important role in the mobility and stability of joints. Incorrect daily posture, physical and emotional trauma can all affect the fascial system. These factors can cause stagnation along the line of tension. Thus, the fascia network loses its cushioning mechanism and elasticity, which can cause disturbances in the body and pain. This can further contribute to postural misalignment. Myofascial relaxation therapy is an alternative therapy that promotes the connection of mind and body. Working on the fascial system relieves tensions and aims to bring the fascia network into a healthy state. Ultimately, this leads to improved posture, flexibility, the ability to move smoothly, a full range of motion, and proper muscle tone.

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