MAT Terapia Aktywacji Mięśniowej

Muscle Activation

„What is in the mind is in the body and what is in the body is in the mind” Douglas Heel

The „Be activated’’ – muscle activation technique is a rescue in chronic joint pain, constant pressure, contusions, blockages of movement. It is a great solution in many other areas, including helping to unblock psychological traumas trapped in the body. It helps you get back in shape quickly.

How does it work?

Using „Be Activated’’ – Muscle Activation Technique, I will examine your muscles through a series of tests to determine their ability to respond optimally contract and relax to the stimulus.

The muscles that will not use their full potential in response, require proper therapy. We will work on them by stimulating the system of appropriate reflex points in the body. The effect of the treatment will be the release of accumulated tension and healing of injuries.

After treatment of muscles activation therapy:

  • pain and tension disappears
  • the physical performance of the treated area improves
  • the range of motion in the joints increase
  • the ability of the muscles to function properly will be restored
  • regain the correct posture and body flexibility

This therapy will allow you to go far beyond your current limitations. Works for everyone in any case. The activated body will love this feeling.

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