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Kinesiotaping / Kinesiology tapes

Kinesiotaping – kinesiology tapes – what is this magic tape?

Kinesiology tapes support your body when it needs it most – when you are struggling with sprains, swelling or when you need reinforcement.

How do tapes work?

  • they support muscles and joints after injury, without limiting movement
  • accelerate the healing process through drainage
  • reduce pain and swelling,
  • improve circulation
  • help you get back into shape faster
  • Properly glued, they are an invaluable rescue for muscles and joints, and you will feel relief after sticking the tape.

How it’s possible?
The phenomenal effect is based on the natural activation of your body’s self-healing processes. The tapes increase the space between the skin and the fascia. It allows to improve blood and lymph circulation and activates self-healing processes. Kinetic tape can be used as an independent form of therapy or as a support for the main treatment method.

You can be sure, that:

  • they are safe – 100% cotton – no chemicals
  • allow the skin to breathe
  • thickness and weight are close to the skin
  • wide range of motion – not as limited as a conventional sports tape
  • flexible properties support and reduce muscle fatigue
  • you get back in shape quickly – without unnecessary restrictions!

Ideally, the kinetic tape should be applied by a professional specialist during a session combined with an appropriate assessment of the range of motion in the joint, muscle tests, visual assessment.

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Medical history of tapes.
Kinetic tapes / Kinesiological tapes – Kinesiotaping is a response to many years of research by Dr. Kenzo Kase, who in the 1970s was looking for a tape solution that would not only support the muscles of the athlete after injury, but also ensure that he had no movement restrictions in the joints. The existing standard straps and belts that were used introduced stability in the joint, but also severely limited the athlete’s movement. Kinetic tapes invented by Dr. Kenzo provide support for muscles and joints, but also support the fascia, and speed up the healing process through lymphatic drainage. Properly applied, they significantly reduce pain and swelling at the site of injury. They can be used for an endless number of conditions, such as: sprained ankle, knee strengthening, shoulder pain, back pain. Kinetic tapes do not cause allergies, they allow the skin to breathe. They provide a full range of motion, without limiting it, due to their flexibility and extensibility.

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