Endermology Starvac

Endermology “STARVAC SP2” is a massage based on vacuum suction of the skin with rollers. It is an excellent way to quickly reduce cellulite, tighten and firm the skin and get rid of unnecessary centimetres. After the first treatment, you will notice that your skin becomes smoother, radiant and ready to be shown to the world. Vacuum roller massage is related to Chinese cupping massage.

The Starvac SP2 endermology treatment improves the elasticity and texture of the skin by stimulating collagen and elastin fibers for reconstruction. The skin becomes radiant and firm, it is much smoother than before the treatment. In a short time, a series of treatments will make you look beautiful and healthy. The skin is beautifully taut, and the deeper muscles are also stimulated and relaxed. After such a massage, the legs are light and relieved of everyday stress.


  • the skin is smooth and taut
  • skin tone is evened out
  • there is a significant reduction of cellulite
  • lymphatic drainage moves the stagnation of the lymph
  • unnecessary centimetres in the circuits disappear
  • reduction of puffiness and swelling in the body

How it’s working?

Endermology – Vacuum massage, stimulates the body to naturally reduce cellulite through increased lymphatic drainage. Lymphatic drainage of the body means the elimination of toxins and metabolic products from the body. Through massage and shifting the rollers, the lymph stuck between the fat cells is also released and drained into the nodes, from where it is then expelled from the body. On the other hand, by stimulating intercellular exchange, we deliver more nutrients, blood and oxygen to the tissues, which results in the reconstruction and nourishment of cells.

Endermology is recommended for those who, for health reasons, cannot undergo Velashape treatment with radio and infrared waves.

Do not hesitate – make an appointment now and enjoy beautiful skin all year round.

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